What our Customers say...


As an insurance agent I deal with clients claims on a daily basis. However when my condo flooded, SERVPRO of Western Michigan was there for me! Having personal experience in a disaster and knowing who to call makes it easier to assist my clients in their time of need. Thank you SERVPRO of Western Michigan team for your hard work and taking care of your clients as if they are family!

When a fire devastated half of our church we called SERVPRO of Western Michigan to help with restoration of the existing structure in order to continue worshipping in the gym. They came out the day we called them and were very knowledgeable and helpful. They began work immediately on the existing structure and restored the gym cleaner than it was before the fire! They moved very quickly and efficiently and were able to get us in before expected. Thank you Ron Brunink and Randy Oosterheart and the SERVPRO of Western Michigan team for your hard work!

The Georgetown Chamber building sprinkler system malfunctioned and water covered 60% of our building. SERVPRO of Western Michigan came in with a full team that are well trained professionals. They were able to clean up efficiently so we were able to keep the doors open and operated as normal business. The use of the Desiccant Trailer really speed up the process, while keeping all the noise outside. It’s great to know that our community takes care of each other.

At 3 am our facility had a leak. I called John at SERVPRO of Western Michigan and within a couple of hours he had an entire crew here to take care of the issue. I know that when I call John, it’s going to get done right and effectively.

We manage multiple buildings located in; Wyoming, Grandville, Coopersville, Hudsonville and Walker, with multiple contacts to each facility SERVPRO of Western Michigan has provided a free service to each facility for Emergency Readiness Plans (ERP). This service has set up our facilities for a quick and easy response for our employees to know how to handle and shut off utility valves. The app that comes with the program is our quickest and easiest way to respond to a loss. Thank you John Docter and SERVPRO of Western Michigan for this service!

I was devastated when we found out that our upstairs supply line in our vanity had busted. When John and Randy arrived they assured me that they would get done! After a few hours of cleaning up the mess, the damage was not as bad as anticipated. SERVPRO of Western Michigan quick response and work ethic made a night and day difference to my situation. Thank you for being there in my time of need!

Managing multiple building I know to call SERVPRO of Western Michigan for a top notch cleaning service! We needed to remove a musty smell in the air, so SERVPRO of Western Michigan’s team came in placed 6 dehumidifies around the office. This service removed allergens and moisture. The office air quality is pure now thanks to your team.

The attention to detail was flawless!  SERVPRO of Southwest Grand Rapids works with tools to get the job done that I would have never thought of.  Everyone on the team was super helpful, informative and quick to get the job done right.

Due to heavy rains, one of our facilities flooded. We called SERVPRO of Western Michigan and they arrived within 30 minutes. There quick response and professional work ethic, kept the doors open and tenants highly satisfied. After removing the debris, water mitigation, property repair, the building is back to pre-existing conditions “Like it never even happened."

Definitely call SERVPRO, responded quickly.  Took care of all the needs, washing painting, Ted is phenomenal with his customer service and knowledge. Technicians handled fragile items with extreme care, cleaned to tip top shape and our home is ready carpet installation.  The levels of professionalism, courtesy, attention to details, and willingness to please us as a customer was superb and very refreshing, especially since I was already stressed from the fire and everything evolving from the fire. Everyone from the supervision team down to the workers on to the crew picking up the equipment for return have each been a great pleasure to work with. Your team has shown us the Light at the end of tunnel. 

Our basement flooded due to septic pump failure and SERVPRO of SW, SE, NW Grand Rapids responded to my call with-in 15 minutes with a team of Professionally Trained technicians.  Their handled all of our furniture and belonging’s with extreme care.  It was a real blessing to have them in my home to relieve the stress of the situation and to have all everything cleaned out beyond my expectations.

When our sewer backed up we immediately called SERVPRO of Western Michigan. They moved all our contents, cleaned and treated our carpets leaving our basement “Like it never even happened.” 

Late on a Friday night I noticed water in my kitchen. I called SERVPRO of Western Michigan and when the team showed up they knew right away that it was dishwasher. They turned off the source, cleaned up the water and thoroughly inspected to ensure no other leaks or further damage. Your professionalism instilled in your team is comforting and I know that if I need you, your there and the job is done right!

Our building suffered a large loss due to fire affecting three units. However the amount of water damage covered two floors and 20 units. I called John and within two hours the team of 10 or more showed up, getting straight to work! The blocked off unaffected area’s with plastic to contain the smoke smell, mitigated the water, demolished the fire damage, brought in the Desiccant trailer and when shift came you couldn’t even tell that it was a different crew. I love working with SERVPRO of Western Michigan because they are experienced professionals with knowledge above the rest in their field! Thank you for taking care of our facility and ensuring that our residents were not further disturbed from this tragedy.

SERVPRO thank you for providing your trailer for use at the Grandville fire (Wimbledon Apartments). Because of your help, we were able to provide safe and warm service to the clients of the Grandville fire.